After two and a half amazing weeks, my parents left for the States, and the rest of my trip in Europe I would spend on my own. I’ve traveled many times alone, but this trip I really learned how much I love just experiencing travel on my own. It’s not that I don’t love companions, but when your alone its your great opportunity to be present. On your own you can eat what you want, adventure where you want, meet who you want, and really be free. Embracing this freedom, I traveled for the next two weeks to Interlaken, Bern, Geneva, and Les Diablerets. 

Interlaken is a small hiking city, located in between two lakes at the base of the Alps. The two lakes that border the city are the most amazing turquoise color, and the perfect solution to sore muscles after a long day of hiking. I stayed in a lovely “tent hostel’ just outside the city center, and took a bike around the city everyday to explore and get to the nearby trailheads. In Interlaken, I met amazing people, hung out in beautifully quaint cafes, and hiked almost much everyday. One of my favorite spots to hang out was by the river, right beside this beautiful old hotel, I would bike there, listen to my “Grand Budapest” soundtrack, and sketch.

        By far my favorite day in Interlaken, was when I hiked the Harder Klum. A lovely man, Nick accompanied me up the mountain and when once we had arrived back at our hostel I decided to take my bike and find some dinner. I went to the local COOP, bought an apple, piece of brie, mini Zupfe, beer, and a bar of chocolate. I biked down this random farm road, not really knowing where I was going but just trying to find a good place to eat and watch the sunset. Totally by accident, I stumbled upon the most beautiful riverside park. The view was magnificent and the best part was I had it all to myself. So there I parked my bike, made a brie and apple sandwich, and watch the sunset behind two cascading mountains. 

My next destination was Bern, the capital of Switzerland. Bern is a lovely, old city, whose clocktowers and cobblestone roads lay above a crystal blue river. I spent my days biking around the city, stumbling upon the most delightful bookshops, cafes, and reading spots. One night, I biked into the city square and found it to be completely packed with people. As I walked towards the crowd, I saw all sorts of food vendors, $5 dollar beers, and guys setting up amps on the street. I soon found out that there was a busking festival and that bands would be playing all over the city. So I bought a beer, kicked back, and listened to some of the best live jazz and alternative Ska music.

I ended my time in Switzerland in Les Diablerets, having the pleasure to join disciples all over Europe for a week long retreat. That week, I got to meet so many amazing people, learn so much about my faith, build so many deep convictions and obviously complete my last hike in Switzerland! I’m so grateful to have a family like you guys in Europe and am constantly praying for your growth and prosperity in the faith.