The Body Shop approached us in early October, asking us to create a short commercial film  for their Holiday Campaign #cintapohon. The Bodyshop’s hashtag #cintapohon,  translates to “the love of trees” which was the main theme of their holiday campaign. This holiday season the Bodyshop was using their holiday revenue to support the World Bio-Bridges Mission in replanting trees throughout eastern europe. They wanted a a heartwarming holiday tale which was playful yet made audiences realize “the love of trees” and tie in their Bio-Bridges Mission. After a lot of writing and revisions we came up with our narrative which a tale of a bohemian grandmother, non-nature loving grand daughter, three magical animal creatures, and the magical power of trees. After weeks of mask making, set dressing, and pre-production chaos we went to the forest of Bogor, Indonesia and allowed our vision to come to life. After two long days of humidity, sweating (those masks were hot!) and some crazy bug bites we wrapped the shoot with some guitar sing alongs, delicious fish dinner, and much needed cold showers. All in all it was a shoot that from inception to final product truly came to fruition and created a short commercial film that all cast and crew was proud to work on.