Traveling throughout Japan feels like being in a video game. Tokyo seems unreal with its pristine organization, color coordination, aesthetic charm, ocassional Hello Kitty traffic cones, and playful sounds (of the subway and vending machines) that cheer you on as you venture throughout the city. Tokyo is metropolitan to say the least, home to the widest variety of food, fashion, art and architecture. Having spent only a week in Tokyo, it was by no means enough, for every edge of the city is densely packed with things to explore. When it comes to food the Japanese truly perfect everything they touch, ranging from their traditional japanese dishes to coffee, pizza, pasta, pastries, and yes…even whiskey (Hibiki is some of the best whiskey I've ever had). For the art enthusiasts, Team Lab is a must visit destination, an interactive digtial art museum and massive art playground for adults. Tokyo also possesses by far the best vintage clothing markets I've ever encountered. Harajuku and Shimo-Kitzawa are vintage treasure troves, so make sure to have your wallets ready before you visit. The streets around those areas are absolutely lovely, home to an array colorful walls, shops, and displays that had my camera clicking constantly. Hakone is a lovely day trip and nature escape from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. Stage to forests, lakes, mountains, and a gorgeous view of Mount Fuji, it is the perfect place to see a more classic view of Japan. Having only brushed the surface of what Japan has to offer, I left with the utmost intention to return and venture further into this real life video game city.