My last week in Indonesia, I got the amazing chance to travel to Bandung. The towering mountains, abundant rice fields, and lush landscape made me feel like I was much more than two hours from the chaos of Jakarta.

We drove to Kawah Putih, a crater lake located in the mountains. The surrounding mountains, cascading rice fields, and Muse's Absolution album made the drive almost as amazing at the crater itself.  

Kawah Putih, is fantastic and took my breath away in all sense of the word (the sulfur from the lake smells quite horrible). The sands consist of the most beautiful shades of green complimented by the soft pale blue of the lake. The day we visited there was quite a lot of fog which validated my theories of this place being the real Middle Earth.

We ended the day, finding a clearing overlooking the mountains just before sunset. The golden hour, great friends, and wild flowers dancing in the wind was nothing short of a poetic way to end our trip to Bandung.