My name is Elise and....

My passion is storytelling.

Our world is full of adventure, beauty and amusement, yet more often than none these essential components of being are not easily at our disposal. Film and photography are a way in which we can capture these moments and hold on to the incredible moments that fill our world.

    I simply can’t choose just film or photography.

 Both mediums have their own unique and effective way of capturing and unfolding a story. Whether its freezing a moment or manipulating time and perspective, both mediums have become precious modes of my personal and professional expression. 

I’ve done it all. 

    Growing up I always had my head in endless editions of National Geographic magazines and spent late nights binging on Hitchcock and Kubrick films. Film and Production School at Massachusetts College of Art and Design helped these late night devotions turn into professional skill.  I’ve had the opportunity to work on many different kinds of productions, ranging from commercials, fashion and narrative film, to documentary productions in Southeast Asia. 

My greatest teacher has been travel.

    Through various NGO film opportunities I’ve been able to satisfy my wanderlust, spending extended periods of time in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. These travels have changed all aspects of my life, inspiring my work and personal perspective. I’ve had the opportunity to work with indigenous peoples, impoverished communities and organisations working towards environmental sustainability. I have a deep passion for these issues and will continue to work in them for the rest of my life. 



Beauty is the true recognition of authenticity.

    Image-making for me is about capturing authenticity. I always strive to portray things in a genuine form, allowing viewers to see something like they never have before. In this current rapid-paced world, I hope to bring stillness, focusing on adventure, beauty, and memory. 

My work is only as strong as the people I work with.

Every client that I’ve had I see as a collaboration of ideas, viewpoints, and product. If you have a moment you want to capture or story that needs to be told,  please contact me on my contact page or send me an email at I’ll be sure to get back to you within in 48 hours!